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BoP World Convention 2016


Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre, ITE College Central 

BoPWC 2016 is an opportunity to discuss the best practices, most innovative solutions and latest philosophies in formalising BoP markets. It is an action-led platform, bringing together key business leaders, world-renowned experts, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, policy and decision makers to forge partnerships and collaborations across sectors and solve the greatest development challenges facing the BoP.

Convention objectives:

  • Encourage participants to engage in main convention and workshops, work group discussions on building partnerships and to provide them with the necessary insights, solutions, for further collaboration.
  • Facilitate the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs.
  • Fill key gaps in BoP opportunities, knowledge and strategies.
  • Build awareness of the impact that new technologies have on BoP markets
  • Businesses & social entrepreneurs interaction, opportunities and overcoming challenges, co-create new solutions, forge large scale cross innovation and bring it to action
  • Key sector topics: Water & Sanitation, Off-Grid Energy, Health, Education, Food & Nutrition, Distribution & Procurement.


The event provides the ideal platform for social entrepreneurs, business leaders and technology providers to share their knowledge, experience and ideas with industry players, professional and partners. These collaborations will spawn new solutions and future strategies to carry forth BoP’s business ventures and initiatives to a whole new level in the years ahead.

Local Community Engagement

An inclusive economy is one that makes services available to all, when and where they need them. This kind of on-demand economy is inherently more inclusive—both to service providers and to customers. It is also increasingly possible, as smart mobile tools and cloud-based IT platforms transform how we live and work. Early examples include ZipCar, Airbnb, Uber, GrabTaxi and its competitors, but the disruption of old economy sectors will not stop there. Inclusive, on-demand services are expanding into office space (WeWork, The Hub), financial services (M-pesa, Square, Klarna), public sector administrative procedures, healthcare, education, agriculture, and others.


Key characteristics of such inclusive models are greater efficiency, enabling multi-stakeholder collaborations and lower costs, which then allows the model to be disruptive and scalable. Indeed, inclusive on-demand models are arguably the future of the economy, including BOP segments, as smart mobile devices increasing penetrate even low-income households and logistic services expand into rural areas via drones and self-driving vehicles. In fact, it is likely that the inclusive economy is what will finally mainstream the BOP: an online platform does not care about your income level, your caste, or your ethnic background.
This BOP World Convention & Expo will examine the nature of inclusive economies and their implications for the BOP. It will present current trends in many sectors, explore promising models that are already gaining traction in the BOP, and discuss others that are poised to transform opportunities for BOP populations while opening new markets for both social entrepreneurial ventures and established corporations.


The BoP 2016 World Convention will be a unique opportunity for participants to interact, share experiences and insights with our esteemed panel of professionals. Moreover, opportunities for social entrepreneurship, investments, innovations and partnerships will continue to increase as BoP programs build up and business solutions help end poverty. Thank you to all our partners, sponsors, and participants for joining us at BoP World Convention 2016.


For more information please contact: convention@bophub.org
This 3-day event comprises of:
speaker sessions
– panel discussions
– business matching sessions
business / product showcasing
– pitching session

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