About BoP Hub

“Charity is not the solution. To get out of poverty you need an income. Philanthropy should focus on teaching a man to fish and not giving him the fish”

– Jack Sim, Founder of BoP Hub Ltd.

BoP Hub Ltd. was established in 2011 with a mission to design business to end poverty. A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, our aim is to catalyse cross-sector collaboration and strengthen participation in social entrepreneurship. BoP Hub seeks to serve as a gateway for business ventures, technologists, and manufacturers to access BoP markets. We work to bundle and weave products with distribution, logistics, economies of scale, public policy, design, and technology in order to complete the supply chain and more effectively deliver much needed goods and services to consumers at the base of the pyramid.

BoP Hub’s value proposition is to make products and services for BoP markets “cheaper, faster, easier and better,” improving lives and empowering 4 billion consumers, producers, employees, and entrepreneurs at the base of the pyramid.

Our Strategy

BoP Hub’s strategy is to aggregate and scale up the best models across sectors and industries, negotiate collaborative interwoven approaches and cut wastage in the supply chain. With this approach, BoP Hub seeks to optimize efficiency and extract hidden value by reducing costs and offering better solutions.


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